Bottom lip, purple flowers, cloud coated crest
Of the mountains; it’s just an April Tuesday
But the coffee is no sweeter than yesterday’s
And that eve in November stained my memories.

Clouds swirl up there to drop sprinkles down here,
The lights still take turns and yellow is the one that
Bears the least confidence. I drove near your
House and sped up to pass it, I need to go home.

Sitting on the edge of the bed
And looking down at me, I heard the
Faucet squeak and the water falling
In the drain before your arrival.
I was peeking, your face still stirred
My insides despite the haze of my eyelashes
Obscuring those details I am fond of.
Hugged me seconds later, “I’m leaving.”
I know, and I hear the stairs bearing
Seconds of yours weight (I loved mine)
And the door making its seal, and the
Kickstand locking into place, and the
Hum of your bike fading… It’s been fading.

Two poets in relation by bond, not
Blood had murmurs of the heart.
One found aid with surgery and scar,
The other with biology and time.
Both graduated high school, and one
Did so by default, the other by demand:
One illiterate, the other pretentious and
Verbose. Fuck the circumstances, one
Wins awards by the strength of his words
And the other finds worth in his hands.
The mothers don’t win and the fathers
Never tried, but the boys are men
Who love poetry, women, and men.

The withering leaves had curled
As if they too were grasping at
November, they had darkened and
Became a crunch beneath boots.

The rebirthing months come again
And the leaves grow back, finally
Unfolding, too, to the truth; it is
Not over until the core dies of rot.

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Try-hard with my diction,
Juxtaposition rubs harshly
And it usually swells as
A runon phenomenon.

Bearing bloodshot eyes,
I’ve been rushing
On the span of
Seventeen minutes,
Your image clings on
Passed the throwaway
Intention of sleep.

Encima de las sabanas medianas,
¿Adónde va los cielos morados?
Pagamos las montañas con las
Estrellas de todos colores que
Podemos buscando. Contigo,
Estoy que es necesario estar
Llamarse tranquilamente.

Tight Muscles

Encapsulate my involuntary
Passion for your every genetic feature,
And conditioned character, I swallowed it
Dry and feel fevered. Do touch my hair
Like an outward expression and do it
Again and again, comb and
Rake through my dark brown history;
Do you feel the rolling laughter and the
Raw grasses, do you feel the comfort
Of coiling legs and sheets, can you
Feel that smile, my constant.

Americano cloistered in ego
Finds dissolutions in the parting
Of lips and in the empiric fall
Of eyelashes.

Do tell the neurotic, he’s but a
Water stained mirror in the
Darkness of gripping nighttime

Side, if not for love, with him
In the name of nearness so
That falsehoods of freedom are
Pure white lies.


They wrote about the day the sun
Thrust a shine unto the ice crusted ocean
And how his lips, all chapped and cracked
As the frozen saltwater before him, had
Met the cold hardness of dark green glass.
It’s foreign and it slides down the way
A slur comes up, all slushed joy and a
Rejoice to say it again—words we beg for.

I’ll write about that day a little differently,
How the trenches found a surface and
About how millions of needles tear a
Way through your skin, how a mind will
Drown in seconds over muffled chattering
Teeth. The seething and the searing that
Too comes from a bottle.
The quaking beneath bumpy taught skin
Becomes less violent, and the calm in the
Depths of the mind are just darkness with
That slurry sentence as something like
Bioluminescence come to dizzy before a
Strike; this is all chemistry and biology
That takes one like a rocking boat.

Featured Poet : Camron R. aka loveemonster



Today I wanted to share some amazing poetry from a awesome writer I have been following for awhile. Camron R., aka @loveemonster was kind enough to let me share some of his work today, poems in text form as well as a few in graphics he made himself. But first, I wanted to get to know this poet I…

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My Heart Murmur

A hanging heart of dystrophy will
Make a human degenerate of
What one used to be, it will surely
Cave and collapse what was,
Destined to lapse from first birth.
Don’t touch the skin, though
It glows as the white smile leads.
Don’t touch the hair, though
It glides in graceful air like great
Footsteps on calm water—it’s  
As empty as a book that’s been
Translated and lost—you’ve

The Origin of 17

Quiet pathology, swooshes
And a hand still fists. Don’t
Let a tear become a drum,
The muffled hum can make
Cold glass feel like home.